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Services: Fencing

As fencing is one of the main services offered by Backyard Solutions Inc., you can be sure that we can provide the 'right' fence for your needs. Our primary area of expertise is wooden fencing. We can provide wooden fencing in many different styles, sizes, configurations and material choices. We can also provide wrought iron, vinyl or composite fencing solutions. Gates, arbours, lattice work and the like can be incorporated in any fence design. Some features of our wooden fences are listed below:

> Material can be premium pressure treated ACQ, premium cedar, rustic pine or hemlock

> Post sizing can be 4" x 4" or 6" x 6"

> Post hole diameter can be 9" or 12" for 4" x 4" posts, 12" for 6" x 6" posts

> Post hole depth is at least 48"

> Posts can have tar or creosote applied for rot protection at ground level

> All posts are set in machine mixed concrete, not quick-set bagged

> Sonotubes are optional

> Joist hangars are premium heavy duty

> All structural components (rails, etc...) are screwed, not nailed, with ACQ approved screws

> All cuts are sealed with 'end cut' (preserves material warranty)

> Maximum width of sections is 8' - 0"

> Third rail (middle) is optional

Please see our fencing pictures gallery for many of the fences that we have installed. Call or email us today to discuss your fencing needs.

Below are schematics for some of our most popular wooden fence designs:

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